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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) aims to demonstrate the links between our Thoughts, Emotions and Behaviours and through this we can look at how we can make changes either to our Thoughts or Behaviours in order to bring about a change in how we feel.

Often our behaviours and thoughts are our of our current awareness and things happen so quickly that we do not notice a fleeting thought or a typical regular behaviour and the effect these can have on how we are feeling emotionally and physically.

Through CBT you can gain awareness of these automatic processes that are taking place and learn how you can make changes that will bring about a change in how you feel. On a deeper level another aspect of CBT is how the beliefs we hold about ourselves influence the rules that we have for living which in turn governs out behaviours. Through gaining awareness of what governs out behaviours and thoughts at a deeper level we can begin to challenge our beliefs and adopt newer more up to date, healthier beliefs that will lead to a more satisfying and rewarding life in many ways.

Research has demonstrated that CBT works really well with a range of targeted issues including; depression, generalised anxiety, health anxiety, social anxiety, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and PTSD. If you are experiencing issues with low mood, feeling anxious, being generally very worried about a lot of different things or specifics relating to health or social situations, flashbacks relating to a past traumatic event or have problems with hygiene or feel compelled to take action as a result of a bad thought then CBT would be very effective for you. If your problems are more general or relationship based including interactions with others or bereavement or workplace issues Counselling may suit you better.

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